No Hidden Fees


Don’t be fooled by hidden charges.

Here’s why ‘FREE*’ websites aren’t really free.


Take a close look at companies that offer ‘free*’ websites. Notice they usually put an asterisk next to the word free. There are often lots of hidden charges and up-sell gimmicks. Not us.

In our plan we include:

Email as part of your monthly payment (many ‘Free’ sites charge a monthly fee)

A unique domain name as part of your monthly payment (many ‘Free’ sites charge a monthly fee)

Basic e-commerce at no extra cost (many ‘Free’ sites charge extra every month for this, even though in most cases it’s pretty easy to set up a solution that has no ongoing monthly charges – just a small % to the credit card company)

Other ways we’re different:

• We tell you up front what you will pay, we don’t try to up-sell you on various overpriced plans and programs you don’t need for your ‘free’ site.

• It’s hard to get a straight answer on their ‘free’ pricing, we list our basic pricing right on our site and we’re ready to answer any additional pricing questions with a free estimate, with no hidden charges or unnecessary programs.

• Once you finish your payment plan you’ll own your website and design files, take them anywhere you want. Go have them hosted elsewhere or give them to a new web designer. They’re yours.

• We give you access to a CMS and blogging system at no additional cost so you can change your site yourself if you want to.

• Dozens of design templates to choose from

• You’re our client…NOT just a number. We don’t do millions of websites and outsource the programming to the cheapest possible bidder. We’re a small business just like you, and we care about your project.


If you have any questions. Please give us a call at 702-558-9689. Our business hours are 8:30-5:00 PST.